The THW-Jugend e.V. (e.V. = registered association) is an independent non-governmental youth organization (NGO). It´s goal is to familiarize young citizens effortlessly with the work of the THW. The youth organization was founded in 1984. Today there are youth groups in all of the 668 THW local sections nationwide, with about 15.000 girls and boys who are looked after and taught by 1.600 tutors.

Besides the training of skills for the tasks of the THW, the youth groups undertake many extracurricular activities like hiking, dinghy tours or climbing and various other sports activities such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. Of course the groups also participate in cultural events such as trips to exhibitions and museums. Many of the groups arrange and participate in frequent summer camps. Every two years a big federal youth summer camp takes places with more than 3.000 participants. In regional or federal competitions, the teenagers can give proof of their knowledge and skills.

Youngsters who like to have fun and are looking forward to adventure, youngsters who have a core interest in technology and want to meet like-minded friends and enjoy being part of a team, will find the THW-Jugend to be the right choice. Boys and girls who are interested in "the playful way of learning how to help others" have to be between 6 and 17 years of age to become members. The youngsters are well looked after and trained by accomplished technical and pedagogical tutors.

Presently the THW-Jugend has international contacts with Italy, Russia, Poland and Tunisia. Our local youth groups, who are to be found all over Germany, cultivate these contacts through youth exchange programs. Many of our groups are still looking forward to finding new partners in other countries.

The THW-Jugend works internationally on three levels:

  • organizing foreign exchange programs with leisure and cultural activities,
  • actively promoting collective humanitarian aid such as the rebuilding of kindergartens and other facilities for young people,
  • encouraging the exchange of technical skills and knowledge  

During these meetings, mutual trainings and exercises are taking place allowing time for various other group activities.

Technisches Hilfswerk (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief)

More than 80.000 volunteers are involved in the work of the THW at 668 local sections situated all over the country.

During train or lorry accidents, floods or other kinds of disasters inside and outside of Germany the members of the THW offer their professional knowledge and skills. To be able to solve all problems the THW operates with efficient standard rescue forces as well as deploys highly specialized rescue teams such as the Rapid Deployment Unit Search and Rescue Abroad (SEEBA) if needed. Internationally THW plays an active role in order to supply rapid and reliable relief to those in need. Its spectrum of services ranges from emergency relief aid, after an earthquake for example, through to mid-term commitment for reconstruction work. The THW is Germany´s humanitarian ambassador to the world.

The federal agency Technisches Hilfswerk is a governmental organization (GO) of the Republic of Germany and is subject to the department of the interior.

For further information please contact THW-Jugend